“Wake up! Wake up! It’s time to go!” my parents yelled at us. It was always midnight on a Thursday. It was always a surprise. And with within minutes, as always, we’d be in the pre-packed car and on our way to our second home, the Kruger National Park for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This happened four to six times a year, every year.

I grew up in South Africa in a family with a close and passionate love for nature conservation and preservation. My dad was also a founder of the Kruger National Park Honorary Rangers in 1964, and was honored in 2014 as an original surviving member to celebrate the 50th year of the Honorary Rangers. My painting “Big Cat” hangs in the reception of Satara Rest Camp in honour of this milestone.

I’ve been asked a few times — why “Wildlife Expressions: Full colour in black & white”? …

Firstly, “Wildlife Expressions” —
My dad was a successful amateur wildlife photographer, and won many awards. He had 35 mm cameras and various big lenses for capturing/shooting these wildlife photos. The many trips to the ‘game reserve’ gave me the ability observe, learn and try to understand the wildlife that we were fortunate to encounter.

Secondly, “Full colour in black & white” —
As a child, I didn’t have a camera, so I started sketching with pencil and paper. When I got my first camera, I would shoot in black & white, process the negatives and make prints, which would become my personally created reference to draw and paint. This taught me to see in a 'black & white’ way, that I embraced. And sometimes, I add just a little bit of very realistic colour, hence full colour in black & white.

I have always set a goal to expressively create wildlife art that captures not only feeling and movement, but also emotion. And so, my love for nature combined with my creative spirit, has lead me down this natural path…  

In 2017 and 2018, I was excited and honored to have my art shown at the “Wildlife Artist of the Year” Exhibition by the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation at the Mall Gallery in London — a huge and humbling personal achievement. Today, I’m fortunate that my work is internationally accepted, with collectors in South Africa, the Kruger National Park, New York, San Diego, London, Zurich, Sydney, Perth and Israel. 

“Treat them with respect, for we are but trespassers in their domain”
— Harold Resnik 1924-2014

I accept commissions. If you’d like to have a unique piece created especially for you, then please contact me.